Solar water heating has been used commercially around the world for more than 50 years. In several countries it is mandatory to have a solar water system in every home! Around 40% of the average household electricity cost is from heating water (this percentage is even higher in low income households). By using a solar water heater these costs can be reduced by at least 80%. This would really make a big difference to low income households.

Why should you install Solar Water Heating?

Following is a list of benefits that you will harness from a Solar Geyser System:

  • Cost Saving – from the savings on electricity you will be able to pay for the Solar heating system in a few years. After this your hot water is free!
  • An Investment – Installing a solar heating system adds to the value of your property and constantly saves you on running costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Solar energy is clean energy – no pollution and no exploitation of limited natural resources. There are reduced levels of pollution due to less coal/paraffin/wood being burned either to heat water directly or to generate electricity. This also helps reduce deforestation due to less firewood being cut for burning.
  • Consistency of Supply – With a solar water heating system you will have hot water even during blackouts and erratic power supply. .
  • Reduce your demand for electricity – Reducing your demand for electricity by almost half can eliminate expensive upgrade of your supply infrastructure. Less dependence on foreign and possibly hostile sources of energy. Less valuable foreign exchange and hard earned money is spent importing energy.
  • Free hot water – An average winter’s day in Africa generates sufficient solar energy to provide all your hot water without using electricity.

So donít wait a minute longer! Convert your existing geyser to solar or install a solar system in your home and make savings while you help the environment.