Volta – 150A 51.2V – LFP – Wall Mount or Ground Mount Battery


Volta Stage 2. 7.68kWh Lithium Iron Battery

• Nominal Capacity (kWh): 7.68

• Rated capacity: 150AH



Long Cycle Life
Using high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, the cycle life is more than 6000 times at 80% DOD, and can be used for 10-15 years

Intelligent BMS battery protection
Built-in intelligent BMS (battery management system), effectively avoiding overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, short-circuit, balance and other problems.

Communication with multiple brands of inverters

General Data
• Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
• Product Model: VOLTA STAGE 2
• Nominal Energy: 7.68KWH
• Nominal Voltage: 51.2VDC
• Nominal Capacity: 150AH
• Cell Type: LFP
• 1C/1C Continual Charge & Discharge
• Standard Charge Voltage: 56VDC
• Maximum Discharge Current: 150A
• Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 44.8VDC
• Maximum Parallel Units: 8
• Design Life: 6000 Cycles @ 80% DOD @ 25°C
• Installation Type: Wall Mount & Floor Stand

Spec Sheet: Volta-Stage-1-Brochure-003

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