VarioSole Hanger bolt M10 x 200 Wood Substructure


Product information

Variosole is a universal, easy to install system for the mounting of framed PV modules on pitched roofs with a roof pitch between 5º and 60º. The connection to the roof is achieved by using the appropriate fittings for the respective roof covering, such as roof hooks or hanger bolts. The modules can be installed horizontally or vertically.



Technical Data:
Material: stainless steel A2
Diameter of sealing collar: 25 mm
Sealing integrated: Yes
Thread Diameter: M10; 9.0mm
Thread: Partial thread
Thread applicable for: Wood; Metric
Thread length: 65.0 mm
Head of screw = Hexagon head
Minimum screw penetration = 60 mm
Screw tip = Wood top
Space for adjustment vertical = 81,00 mm
Assembly without pre-drilling = 7,0 mm
Compatible with product groups = VarioSole; TriSole
Material = Stainless steel; Aluminum
Other Contents:
  • 1 x 900008 Hanger bolt M10 x 200
  • 1 x 900007 Hammerhead bolt M8x25
  • 1 x 900001 Hexag. nut DIN6923 – M8 A2-70 with FL & SZ
  • 1 x 400014 Standard Bracket M10
Supplier Part No:860006
Weight:0.225 kg