Renusol – Roof Hook Plain Tiles & Slates


Roof Hook ~ Mounting-Roof Anchor – Tiles & Slates
(Without wood screw)
This roof hook can be used with Flat and Slate tiles and is compatible with the VarioSole product range.


Mounting system for installing framed PV modules with heights between 30 and 50 mm on pitched roofs with the following characteristics:
• Roof pitch 5° – 60° (solar fasteners), 20°-60° (Roof hooks)
• Plain tile, natural slate, single and double roman, modern interlocking tiles with wooden substructures
• PV-panel landscape and portrait oriented
• Trapezoidal metal sheet roof with wooden or metal substructures
• Fibre cement corrugated sheet
• Corrugated metal sheet roof with wooden or metal substructuresStatic calculation must exist and be considered according to local regulations.
Product Code: REN-420181
Dimensions:  235x35x164
Baseplate Dims: 35 x 55mm with 2 x 6,5mm Perforations
Material /Thickness: Steel / 6,0mm
Colour: Grey matt
Weight: 0.73 kg

Technical data:
Rail orientation on roof hook: Horizontal
Space for vertical adjustment:  21,00mm
Compression force limit:  0,80 kN
Tension force limit:  0,73 kN
Shearing force limit:  0,85 kN

Download Specificaton Sheet:  Renusol Roof Hook_R420181