Huawei SUN2000 36KTL 36kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)


String Inverter (SUN2000-36KTL)

Max of 4 MPPT for versatile adaption to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments
Up to 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fault detection
–  Power Line Communication (PLC) supported
–  Exceptionally wide MPPT range.
–  No string fusing required

Maximum efficiency 98.8%
–  European efficiency 98.6%
–  <1W consumption during the night

–  DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
–  Type II DC and AC surge protection devices integrated
–  Ground fault protection
–  Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection

–  Product warranty of 5 years, with the option to extend to up to 10.
–  Natural cooling technology with heat sink
–  Outdoor application of IP65

Stock Availability:  Due 07 Dec. 2018



Part No:  SUN2000-36KTL
Weight:  74 kg
Rated Power:  36,000 W
Min PPT Voltage:  200 V
Max PPT Voltage:  1,000 V
DC Startup Voltage:  250 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:  200 V
Max Input Voltage:  1,000 V
Max DC Power:  40,800 W
Max AC Power:  36,000 W
Max DC Current:  88 A
Max DC Inputs:  8
Has DC Fuses:  1
Connector:  Amphenol H4
Included Connectors:  8
Euro Efficiency:  98.6 %
Transformer:  None
MPPT Trackers:  4
Has Integrated DC Switch:  Yes
Warranty:  5 years

Download Data Sheet: HUAWEI SUN2000-36KTL 36kW 3Ph Inverter