Victron Pheonix 12V


Victron Pheonix Power Output: 250W | 375W | 800W
Voltage: 12V



Victron Pheonix

Power Output: 250W | 375W | 800W

Phoenix Inverters with VeDirect, (AC inverter only)

Ve.Direct port for communication with laptop or via a bluetooth dongle.

There are fully configurable low battery alarm trip and cut-off voltages with the respective resest levels.

Dynamic cut-off levels, load dependant.

AC Output voltage of  between 210 – 245V, with a frequency of either 50Hz or 60Hz.

Monitoring of the DC input and AC output voltages, Percentage load and all alarms.

> High power start up ability for power converters, electric tools and halogen lamps.

> Eco mode for low consuming loads (min. 15W).

> Remote on/off switch can be connected for remote control.

The unit is available with different output sockets, Shuko, UK, AU/NZ and IEC

Screw terminal DC connections.

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Victron Pheonix

250W 12V VE.Direct IEC, 250W 12V VE.Direct SCHUKO, 375W 12V VE.Direct IEC, 375W 12V VE.Direct SCHUKO, 800W 12V VeDirect SCHUKO