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Gutter System

1×2500 litre tank

1xtank stand


The flexible gutter system is a unique, patented product, which is specifically designed for the rural people of our country to catch and harvest rain water.

With the ever increasing awareness of global warming and over population, the state of our water scarce country is becoming more and more critical. We have designed the flexible gutter system for people to catch and harvest clean water off their roof structures and be able to have it on their door step. The system is extremely affordable as every measure has been taken to manufacture a good quality product but to be economically viable at the same time.

&nbspThe flexible gutter system is proudly conceived, designed and produced in KZN, which makes it extremely affordable and offers the home owner a simple, fairly maintenance free system to capture, store and utilize good clean water, on their door step.

The Two Gutter System Choices:

  • The Uround Gutter System is designed for a round dwelling which comes in a complete kit, designed to fit an 8m diameter dwelling, the kit comprises of 24m of guttering, 24 brackets, screws, nails and a filter. Everything one would need to install the system. If the dwelling is smaller than 8m, the gutter is simple trimmed to size.
  • The Straight Gutter System is designed to be installed on the 4 corned house or straight walled structure, the guttering, brackets, screws, nails, and filter are sold per meter, so structures can be measured and the exact length of gutter cut to size. This form of the guttering is designed specifically for low cost housing projects, rural 4 cornered houses, rural schools and clinics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Studies have shown that with an 8m diameter dwelling and 30mm of rain, more than 2500l of water can be harvested, sustaining an average family for 63 days
  • The unique design of the gutter system gives it extreme versatility and can be adapted to fit any shape structure or dwelling
  • Extremely affordable
  • 5 year warranty