Titan Solar Tracker 110-211 ATR


110-211 ATR

Power: 3 x 120 W

Ensures your Solar Panels get optimum sunlight. Increases panel efficiency by 15%.



The Titan Solar Tracker ensures your Solar Panels get optimum sunlight. Increases panel efficiency by 15%.

Optimum Performance:

Many two-axis sun trackers cover the whole angular field in the zenithal tracking properly and therefore they get the maximum performance with double-axis tracking.
Titan Tracker does cover the whole angular field in the zenithal and azimuthal tracking, making possible an increase of production up to 45% in comparison to other installations without tracking systems.

Simple Design:

The concept design of Titan Tracker is the simplicity.

Structual Geometry:

The perfection of the structural geometry based on a lattice screwed beams lets Titan Tracker supports winds up to 125 Km/h.


The concept developed is also characterised by making possible a great capacity, close to 211 square meters in FPV and close to 219 square meters in CPV.

Thanks to this great capacity, assembly and maintenance are minimum and, therefore, exploitation and installation cost.


The simplicity of this design makes possible the absence of complicated and delicate mechanisms which impede a long life of the tracking systems.


Maintenance is minimal and it does not require skilled workforce. The most expensive components of the Titan Tracker have a much reduced cost.


  • Model: Titan Tracker 110-211 ATR
  • Tracking: Dual-axis starting at 10 degrees in elevation
  • Use for: Flat-plate Photovoltaic
  • Max. Power: Variable depending on efficiency of PV module
  • Capacity: 211 m2 (2 symmetrical panel boards of 105,5 m2)
  • Height from axis to raceway: 4.100mm
  • Maximum Height to raceway: 8.700mm
  • Diameter of turn: 20.340mm in the raceway
  • Maximum Diameter of turn: 24.540mm between limits
  • Input Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz


  • Material: Steel SJ 275 and S250GDZ275
  • Protection: Hot Galvanized
  • Joints: Galvanized Screws
  • Standard: NBE-EA-95
  • CE Label: Yes
  • Maximum wind speed: 110 Km/h at any position
  • Wind Speed in Stow Position: Adjustable
  • Foundation (concrete): 13,5 m3 with no forms
  • Foundation (steel): 197Kg
  • Weight (without modules): 6.820Kg
  • Installation: Installable by client. It is provided pre-mounted
  • Warranty: 10 years (structure)

Driving system:

  • Type: Electrical Motor gears
  • Transmission: (azimuth) Pinion-toothed wheel
  • Transmission: (elevation) Pinion-toothed wheel with spindle
  • Power: 3 x 120W
  • Accuracy: Adjustable
  • Azimuth Range: 360 degrees (from -180 deg to +180 deg)
  • Elevation Range: 70 deg (from 10 deg to +80 deg)
  • Warranty: 3 years

Electronics and Control:

  • Type: PLC controller (only one for the whole location)
  • Strategy: Open loop, by algorithm
  • Calibration: Adjustable
  • Communications: RS485
  • Night position: Adjustable
  • Electrical Panel Board: Totally wired. Protections included. IP65


  • Boards: 2 units of 105.5 square meters, symmetrical, each board with a height of 8.78 m. and length of 12 m
  • Height of the horizontal axis: 4.079 mm to rolling surface
  • Maximum height to the border of the upper board: 8.780 mm to rolling surface.
  • Diameter of the turn in the rolling surface: 20.340 mm.
  • Diameter of the turn between limits of the tracker: 24.338 mm.