Superhead Rainwater Tank Filter


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The Superhead rainwater tank filter is the only unit on the South African market that combines all of the following products into one unit, making it cost effective, neat and compact and easy to install.

  • First flush diverter
  • One way diverter. (Stops any floating debris from getting back into the system and blocking the insect screen)
  • Rotating outlet (rotates 360deg)
  • Rain head
  • A filter for the flush pipe drain
  • A leaf screen with a stainless steel mesh.
  • Insect screen
  • Adjustable drainage plug
  • Removable flush cap (Allowing easy access to the inside of the flush pipe for cleaning, etc)

The Superhead rainwater filter has a 10 year guarantee.

The Superhead rainwater filter is designed to automatically flush ;the first polluted water that comes off the roof ;when it rains and then diverts only clean water into your rainwater tank.