STECA LCD Display Controller


The simplicity and high performance of the Steca Solarix PRS solar charge controller make it particularly appealing. At the same time, it offers a modern design and a convenient display, all at an extremely attractive price.




For the first time a big graphical display shows all system information in a self explaining way. The integrated central processing unit, called Atonic, provides a charge controller with new functions. Atonic is more than a protective device for your battery, and contains the most recent and innovative technology. It contains a self-learning algorithm which gives detailed information on the battery’s state of charge (SOC). This optimized Steca State of charge algorithm is more prezise than ever known and displayed similar to a fuel gauge. It adjusts itself to the battery’s age and capacity.
The SOC provides a basis for all control and regulatory functions. This new type of hybrid regulator is much more efficient than conventional series and shunt regulators. Furthermore the regulator is equipped with an electronical fuse which protects the regulator much better than a mechanical fuse and offers more comfort to the user as it reconnects automatically. In additional a manual load switch is available on the regulator.
Overcharge Protection: Temperature-adjusted SOC and final voltage Optimised float, boost, equalisation charging The varied charging rate provide complete use of the battery capacity, and maximum life The controller adapts itself to 12 V or 24 V systems automatically on installation Options: External temperature sensor Digital mulitfuntion alarmoutput Prepayment Unit for prepay systems Overdischarge Protection: The SOC provides load disconnect Warning of imminent load disconnect Display: Grafical self explaining LC-Display SOC and Voltage of the Battery as well as all currents. All values are displayed as numbers and can be selected by the button. Operation status and detailed error report Safety Features: Electronic fuse, protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperaturer Protection against wrong polarity and short circuit Extremly low electromagnetic emission


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STECA LCD Display Controller

10Amp 12V w, 20Amp 12V w, 30Amp 12/24V w