SolarEdge Firefighter Safety Gateway


Supplier Part No:SE1000-CCG-F
Weight:0.72 kg



The firefighter gateway provides centralised safety management of SolarEdge systems: If the firefighter gateway is properly installed and fully functional, firefighters can halt production of a SolarEdge photovoltaic (PV) power harvesting system and have visual acknowledgement that the installation outputs a safe DC voltage. The power production can be stopped either manually through an emergency stop button or automatically through a Fire Alarm Control Panel system. This stops the AC production and reduces string DC voltage to a safe voltage using the unique SafeDC™ feature. The firefighter gateway can connect to SolarEdge inverters and to Safety and Monitoring Interfaces (SMIs).
Although DC voltage can be reduced directly from the inverter/SMI or by shutting off the AC voltage, using the firefighter gateway provides a clear indication of DC voltage shutdown. The firefighter gateway enables shutting off the installation from a distance of up to 1,000m, while getting visual feedback that the PV installation is safe.