Sirius Super Capacitor – 6.7kWh 48V Energy Module


Model: Sirius – 6.70kWh 48V DC Super Capacitor
Type: Supercap Cell Technology

A market first for Efficient Energy Storage!

Top Features:
•  Cycle life of 1 million cycles gives a superior life expectancy
•  Rapid charge translates into big savings on solar panels.
•  Depth-of-Discharge of 100% and round trip efficiency of 99%
•  Unsurpassed temperature tolerance from -25C to 85C.
•  10-year manufacturer warranty
•  45 Year design life
•  Works with standard inverters/rectifiers/regulators used with Lead Acid or Li Ion batteries
•  Non-toxic, with no risk of thermal runaway
•  Supercap cell cycle life and capacity unaffected by high rate of charge or discharge



Key Features

Make: Sirius
Part No: 6700-48-B-1.4C-M-SD-L-G
Weight: 105 kg
Dimensions: 535mm x 550mm x 330mm
Nominal Voltage:  48V DC
Maximum Charging Voltage: 54V DC
Maximum Discharge Rate (100% – 0% SOC):  200A
Terminal Type:  F12
Module Casing Material.:  Aluminium
Projected Cycle Life: 45 years
Supercap cell DC to DC Roundtrip efficiency (@125A): 99.1%
Supercap cell Operating Temperature: -30⁰C to 85⁰C

Download Specifications: Kilowatt_Labs_Sirius-Technical_Data_Sheet-_6700-48-B-1.4C-M-SD-L-G_-v051018


Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 33 × 17 × 21 cm