Pylon Low Voltage Communication Hub


Low Voltage Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery storage
system – LV-HUB
(Communication extend Module)

Module: LV-HUB-ALV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection.


The LV-Hub can manage up to 5 groups of 8 x Pylon US2000B Plus or 8 x Pylon US3000B battery modules for up to 140kWh’s of storage.
The LV-Hub is required when 9 or more batteries are used with a system that requires communication.

NOTE:  For warranty purposes, the LV-Hub is considered a component of the battery system and is therefore covered by the battery warranty terms.

Operating voltage range:  12Vdc
Communication interface:   CAN/RS485
System Consumption:   2W
Size:  442*150*44mm
Weight (kg):   3.5 kg
Protection degree:  IP20
Operation Life:  15 years
Working temperature:  -20~60℃
Storage temperature:  -40~80℃
CAN (Max 5 groups):  Baud rate: 500K; terminal resistance: 0/120Ω
RS485 (Max 5 groups):  Baud rate:9600/115200