Powerstar 48V


Power Output: 6KVA| 12000W | 18000W
Voltage: 48V
Type: Pure Sine Wave


Power Output: 6KVA 48V PSW Inverter 
The Powerstar Midi Series provides pure sinewave power if there is no grid available or if the grid is not reliable. Fluctuations in grid power can cause serious damage to your applications. The pure sinewave output from this sinewave inverter offers a reliable power source that is often cleaner than the power from the grid, ensuring smooth running of all your applications.
Powerstar 12000W 48V PSW Inverter 
Boasting all the features of the Powerstar M6000, the M12000 offers a high power inverter that boasts double the rated power, with a 94-95% efficiency that ensures clean, pure sine wave power every time.  <CLICK SPECIFICATIONS FOR MORE DETAILS>
Powerstar 18000W 48V PSW Inverter
The M1800s packs an incredible 18,000W rated power, with 36,000W surge power and an input voltage between 36V and 48V. Sine wave output provides less than 5% total harmonic distortion, while a full range of features are on offer with this high powered sine inverter. <CLICK SPECIFICATIONS FOR MORE DETAILS>


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6KVA 48V PSW Inverter, 12000W 48V PSW Inverter, 18000W 48V PSW Inverter