Powerbox42 Standard


Ruggadised Solar Power Unit
Made in South Africa for GW Store
Full support available



The Powerbox42 was originally made for field technicians, who used it to power equipment and lights, and to charge batteries (cellphone or cordless equipment). This product has now also been made available to the GW Store network, for their exclusive distibution. The same robust product used by field technicians, is now also offered as a commercial product, with no reduction in quality.

The Powerbox42 is a South African made, and supported, product. It comes with warranties and product support.

The Powerbox42 can be used for the following applications:

  • Emergency Power Unit
  • Powerpack for Campers / Caravaners
  • Day to day power unit
  • Technicians tool

The Powerbox42 can power devices such as:

  • Lights
  • Cellphone Chargers
  • Chargers for rechargeable batteries
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Test Equipment
  • Various Electronic Consumer products

The Powerbox42 can also be upgraded:

  • The unit is shipped with a 20W solar panel. However, it can be increased to 80W. There are two inputs for solar panels. Add a second 20W solar panel (add R585.00)(with 10m cable). Should you wish to go even bigger (max 80W), then you should contact your closest GW Store.
  • The unit can also be connected to a second external battery for a longer standby time. Just order a 5m cable (add R128.00), and you can add just about any size battery to the unit.
  • The unit also offers the ability to be charged with a wall charger, via your Eskom outlet. It also offers the ability to keep your battery topped up, without having to connect it to your solar panel (add R890.00)
  • You can upgrade the battery too. The unit is normally issued with a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery, which comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. However, you can upgrade it to a Lead Crystal battery, which comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty (add R370.00)