Powerbox42 Mini


Smaller version of Powerbox42 (lower cost)
DC output 12V only
Made in South Africa for GW Store
Full support available



The Powerbox42 Mini was designed to provide a low cost alternative to the Powerbox42 unit. While the unit does not have a inverter inside, it is a cost effective solution for powering 12V (DC) lights and consumer products which can be run/charged with a 12Vdc.

This product is available to the GW Store network, for their exclusive distibution. Quality has remained one of our primary objectives when assembling this product.

The Powerbox42 Mini is a South African made, and supported, product. It comes with warranties and product support.

The Powerbox42 Mini can be used for the following applications:

  • Emergency Power Unit
  • Powerpack for Campers / Caravaners
  • Day to day power unit

The Powerbox42 can power devices that can be powered from 12V, such as:

  • Lights (12V)
  • Cellphone Chargers (Mobile charger)
  • Small Electronic Appliances than can be powered with 12V

The Powerbox42 Mini can also be upgraded:

  • The unit is shipped with a 20W solar panel. However, it can be increased to 80W. Should you wish to go even bigger (max 80W), then you should contact your closest GW Store.
  • You can upgrade the battery too. The unit is normally issued with a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery, which comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. However, you can upgrade it to a Lead Crystal battery, which comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty (add R113.00)