Omnipower HTS 48V


Rated Power: 150W
Rated Surge: 300Watts

Rated Power: 300Watts
Rated Surge: 600Watts

Rated Power: 600Watts
Rated Surge: 1200Watts

Power Output: 1200W

Rated Voltage:48
Pure Sine Wave Inverter




The OMNIPOWER HT-S Series sinewave Inverters are suitable for most loads and provide an economical way to get instant AC power anywhere and at anytime as long as a battery is handy.

The inverter converts a DC power source (e.g. from a car, truck, boat or standard battery; or solar panels) to 230 VAC power. The inverter range is specifically suitable for solar installations. High frequency PWM technology ensures a compact unit providing high reliability and performance.

The inverter has a robust design and is quiet and portable. It can therefore be operated in almost any environment. The unit has a high current start up capability, protected against short circuit, reverse polarity and over load.

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Omnipower HTS

150W 48V Pure Sine Inverter, 300W 48V Pure Sine Inverter, 600W 48V Pure Sine Inverter, 1200W 48V Pure Sine Inverter