Garden Resq – Maxi Grey Water System (Kit)




Grey water system for medium gardens

Fully automated DIY Grey water system for the homeowner of medium sized gardens

Installed within hours, you are now able to recycle your bath and shower water

Due to exceptionally high demand, please enquire as to stock availability before ordering

Kit Includes: 

40mm PVC pipe x half a meter, 50/40mm reducer, 2 x T-pieces, 1 x end stopper, 1 x 90 degree bend, 1 x 45 degree bend, pyramid sprinkler, sprinkler connector, 10m of 20mm diameter garden hose.

General Description:

The Grey Water unit is fabricated from robust material that has been designed to withstand the harsh South African climate. The products and material we have used in the unit will help ensure that your Grey Water system will provide you with many years of trouble free service if installed and maintained correctly. Please note that the unit is only splash proof and therefore every effort should be made to protect the unit from excess water whether from rain or ground seepage.

To Use the GreyWater System:

The safest method of utilising grey water is to irrigate in a manner that avoids human or animal contact during the irrigation process. This is easily achieved as households generally bath or shower in the early morning and/or evening and it is during these hours that evaporation and activity is reduced.

Most household grey water contains compounds that may be useful to your garden. Compounds in grey water include nitrate and phosphates which are, in most cases, beneficial to plants in small doses. These are compounds that are also found in most garden fertilizers. There are however a few exceptions.

Important Information:

  • Plants that are found naturally in the wild are intolerant of phosphate and therefore care must be taken to avoid over-watering with grey water.
  • Grey water is generally alkaline and this must be considered when watering acid loving plants. Edible plants or herbs should not be watered with grey water within two weeks of harvesting and should be washed carefully before consumption.
  • If required, your garden centre or nursery will be able to assist and provide further information on the use of grey water on your plants.
  • Please use drain cleaners, harsh chemicals, bleaches and household detergents sparingly in order to limit the negative effect on the garden. (In the event that excessive amounts of chemicals are used, it is recommended that one temporarily diverts the waste water to the main sewage system).
  • As regular soaps and detergents contain high levels of sodium, it is recommended that the use of biodegradable and soap-free cleaners be used wherever possible.


The automated pump mechanism of the unit is specifically designed for use with a low pressure pyramid type sprinkler attachment. This unit is not designed to operate a ‘pop up’ or any other high pressure sprinkler system.
Landscaping conditions may require that the length of irrigation pipe or garden hose be lengthened or shortened. Extensive testing on a level landscaped garden has shown that a single low pressure sprinkler
is accommodated very well on a 20 metre irrigation pipe (20mm). This is sufficient for most small to medium sized gardens. The unit can efficiently distribute water to a height of 0.5 metres above the unit.


This unit can process approximately 12 litres of grey water per minute (+/-60 litres per five minute shower) with a 20 meter irrigation pipe (20mm) on level ground.


  • Failure to keep your Grey Water System filter clean and free from debris will result in grey water returning to the sewer via the failsafe return to sewer facility.
  • Damage could be caused to the pump should the filter basket not be in place. A dirty filter will also prevent the unit from working at its optimum.
  • Easy access to the filter basket has been provided by means of a removable lid located on the top of the unit. Clean the filter basket of any hair and debris and reposition the basket in the unit. It is essential to ensure that the filter basket is well seated when replaced.
  • There are no serviceable parts in the sealed Grey Water unit. In order to prevent an electrical shock do not attempt to open the unit. If the unit is tampered with, the warrantee will not be honoured.


  • All outside electrical installations must be carried out by a registered electrician.
  • The unit’s moulded housing carries a one year warrantee against faulty workmanship.
  • All electrical components carry a 6 month warrantee from date of purchase.
  • The warrantee excludes situations where the unit has not been installed as recommended and/or been damaged due to negligence or excessive force and/or operated without the filter basket.
  • In order to validate your warranty, please contact us with your proof of purchase and the original packaging.
  • By installing this product you acknowledge that neither GW Store or our supplier will be held responsible or liable for any damages, whether to property or life, caused by the unit or a unit that has not been installed as per our recommendations.