Kitchen Tap Aerator – N3115



Maximum Flow Rate: 5.7 lpm

Dual Spray Setting with Swivel

Aerated splash-free stream adds force to cleaning.

Flow Control Technology: Greater force at low pressure


Aerated splash-free stream adds force to cleaning.

Save water with this 5.7 lpm kitchen tap water saver, and get more efficient and useful features. The regular flow setting is perfect for filling a glass of water, and the wide-spray radius setting is just right for washing vegetables. The aerated water enhances soap foaming. The swiveling action of the head allows you to aim the water wherever you want it in your sink, e.g., when clearing that stubborn foam after draining your sink.

  • With a quick pull of the head the user gets the spray setting
  • Meets or exceeds American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA); and USA’s California Energy Commission (CEC) tested and certified
  • Extra-wide spray radius
  • Up-and-down action to change spray settings: stream to spray
  • Heavy-duty thermoplastic body

;Member of the water smart family of products