Load Shed Kit 5 – 12.00kWh System



1 x MECER  HYBRID     5000VA / 5000W   Inverter Charger   4 000W MPPT  220V     48V DC  PF1

4 x OmniPower 240Ah 12V Sealed Battery

2 x Battery cable pack


The 12kWh load shed kit is for normal household operation. You can take out entire rooms, whole circuit breakers and if you are using power efficiently, you can take out your entire house.


1 x KODAK Axpert Solar Off-Grid Inverter MKSII 5kW 48V

4 x OmniPower 240Ah 12V Sealed Battery interchangeable according to supply with Vision 200ah 12v Gel/AGM batteries

5 x MGSA – 35mm x 25cm Battery Connectors

1 x KETO Battery Disconnector with 125A Fuses

1 x MGSA – 35mm x 100cm Battery Connectors

1 x AC Cables (Input 15Amp and lead – Output lead and multi-plug) DC Battery Connectors and Inverter Uptake Cable


The inverter needs to be wired into a distribution board or a pre designated red circuit. A red circuit is a breaker on your distribution board that will have all your persistent (immune to power outage) loads connected to it. Naturally you can also wire in an extension lead type plug point but ideally this inverter should be a more permanent fixture.


The system has a largish inverter (5kW)  and a decent battery capacity. The total expected operation of this system is 2400 watts per hour during load shed, anymore would not allow you to sustain a 2.5 hour load shed. You can of course easily add on an addition battery or 2 and get the maximum benefit. That said, you can power quite a bit with 2400 watts.

An additional benefit of the system is the inverter which as its own built in charger, thus the system is completely self sustaining and does not require management or user intervention. It automatically kicks in when load shedding starts and automatically charges the battery when load shedding ends. You would not notice a load shed for anything connected to that system.


Its a Taiwanese imported inverter charger, its a hardy piece of equipment, this unit looks good and is extremely popular locally. Should there be any problem on the inverter it is locally supported. The battery is top of its class gel type.