Load Shed Kit 3 – 2.4kWh Storage – 1.2kW Inverter



1 x Axpert – 1.5VA 1.2KW 12v Pure Sinewave Inverter with built in charger

1 x Vision 200Ah 12v Vision AGM Gel Battery

1 x Set AC Feed Cable (3 prong plug) and AC Supply Cable (Multiplug)

1x Battery cable connector pack



The 2.52kWh load shed kit is suitable for a few Lights/Television/Decoder/ADSL/PC.


1 x Mecer Axpert – 1.5VA (1.2kW)  12v Pure Sinewave Inverter with built in charger

1 x Vision 200Ah 12v –  AGM/GEL Battery

1 x Set Inverter – Battery Cable 1m x 35mm

1 x Set AC Supply Cable and AC Output Cable


The inverter has a South African 3 prong plug point, power can also be run out via extension lead or converted to a supply for a circuit breaker(adapted from the plug point). It is preferable to use this through the plug point, perhaps with an extension lead so as not to make an eyesore next to your entertainment center.


The system has a largish inverter(1.5kVA – 1.2KW) but a small battery capacity. The total expected operation of this system is 480 watts per hour during load shed, anymore would not allow you to sustain a 2.5 hour load shed. You can of course easily add on an addition battery or 2 and get the maximum benefit. That said, you can power quite a bit with 480 watts.

An additional benefit of the system is the inverter which as its own built in charger, thus the system is completely self sustaining and does not require management or user intervention. It automatically kicks in when load shedding starts and automatically charges the battery when load shedding ends. You would not notice a load shed for anything connected to that system.


The Axpert is the top sold inverter in the country, its a hardy piece of equipment, looks great and is good value for money. Should there be any problem on the inverter it is locally supported. The battery is a standard issue AGM/GEL UPS battery and doesnt require ventilation.