Isover Geyser Pack


Life long energy savings Lightweight&easy to handle DIY friendly Maintenance free Long product life Will not readily age Suitable for high humidity applications



The Isover geyser pack consists of a foil faced Glasswool insulation blanket in a kit form that includes 5 x 1m, high density Glasswool snap on pipe insulation of 15mm ID bore x 20mm wall thickness&duct tape.
Geyser blanket thickness: 50mm Snap-on Pipe insulation: 15mm pipe diameter x 20mm wall thickness Geyser Blanket Performance criteria: K-value: 0.039 W/mK (ASTM C518) Combustibility: Non-combustible (SANS 10177 Part 5) Fire Spread index rating: Class 1 (SANS 10177: Part 3) Fire Spread index rating: Class A1, S1 (EN 13823) Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1 (EN 13501-01) Specification: Install 50mm thick foil faced, non-combustible, lightweight, glasswool Geyser blanket around the geyser or hot water cylinder. Seal the edges with binding tape. Using 15mm x 20mm Snap-on Pipe insulation; insulate 2m of the incoming cold water pipe and all outgoing hot water pipes.