Inverter Control Center Module Raspberry Pi


The ICC (Inverter Control Centre) is the ideal solution for Pylon when used with Axpert in an on-grid solution. The main purpose of the ICC is to provide accurate monitoring and the ability to remotely monitor when used with an Axpert or InfiniSolar inverter. Alternatively, the ICC offers the ability to connect to the Pylontech BMS and by doing so the inverter can be controlled by the ICC based on the SoC reported by the BMS.

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Real-time monitoring of all the different power sources in use in a solar system (solar panels, batteries, grid power, etc).

• Calculating the total cost savings brought about by the solar system.

• Can gather over 50 different values from every connected inverter.

• All data is captured, stored and can be exported for a specific time period.

• Multiple dashboards available anywhere in the world presenting everything happening in the system in real-time.

• Specific monitoring of the batteries in use.

• Can monitor up to 9 inverters in parallel.

• Support for a host of different Voltronic inverters.

• Can monitor grid tie as well as hybrid inverters.

• Support Pylontech batteries with true SOC and voltage monitoring.

• Hourly trend analysis of the load, the solar panels, the batteries as well as the utility consumption and/or production.

**** Please note: Pylon Communication Cable will be required when used with pylon

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