Grundfos SQF 1.2-3


Grundfos SQ Flex is the ultimate submersible water pump. Lifting up to 525 feet, the Grundfos SQ Flex can be directly powered by solar or wind power. The Grundfos SQ Flex can be run by an inverter, a generator, a battery, the utility grid, or any combination of these sources.

Additional system components not included on this offer:

CU 200 SQFlex control unit

IO 100 SQFlex switch box or IO 101 SQFlex switch box

IO 102 SQFlex breaker box

Charge controller

Energy supply: solar panels, wind turbine, generator, batteries, etc.

Price subject to exchange rate



SQF 1.2-2;The 3″ SQF pump with helical rotor is for high heads and low flows.

Features and benefits:
-Dry-running protection
-High efficiency permanent-magnet motor (PM motor)
-Over- and undervoltage protection
-Overload protection
-Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
-Wide voltage range