Canadian Solar 295W Poly KuPower Half-Cell 35mm frame


Supplier Part No:CS3K-295P-F35
Weight:18.5 kg
Rated Power:295 W
MCS Reference:BBA 0030/907
Length:1,675 mm
Width:992 mm
Depth:35 mm
VMPP:32.5 V
IMPP:9.08 A
Voc:39.1 V
Temp. Coefficient (Mpp):-0.39 %
Clamp position on panel:Long and short side
Connector Type:MC4 MATEABLE
Efficiency:17.8 %
Pallet Size:Oversized


KuPower CS3K-P  (35mm frame)

High Efficiency Poly Half-Cell Module (CS3K-290-290-295-305P)

With Canadian Solar’s industry leading poly cell technology and the innovative LIC (Low Internal Current) module technology, we are now able to offer our global customers high power poly modules up to 305 W.


The KuPower poly modules with a dimension of 1675 x 992 mm, close to standard 60 cell modules, have the following unique features:

  • Higher power classes for equivalent module sizes
  • High module efficiency up to 18.36 %
  • LOW hot spot temperature risk
  • Low power loss in cell connection
  • LOW temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.39 % / °C
  • LOW NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature): 43 ± 2 °C

Power Range: up to 305 W

Cell: 120 x dual-cell Poly, 156 x 78 mm

Dimensions: 1675 × 992 × 35 mm

Weight: 18.5 kg

Download Datasheet: Canadian_Solar-Datasheet-_KuPower_MBB_5BB__CS3K-P_High_Efficiency_v5.571_EN – 35mm frame