Cable Pack for US2000B / US3000 / Phantom-S Batteries


Pylon battery cable accessory kit for use with the US2000B, US2000B Plus, US3000 and Phantom-S models. Each battery unit includes the interlink battery cables for parallel connection to another battery, whereas this pack is for connecting to the charger.

You require one cable pack per system, with a maximum of 5 batteries. With a system of more than 5 batteries, an additional cable pack would be required.

This cable pack includes the following cables:

2 x 2m long power cables (positive and negative)

1 x 3.5m RJ45 Communication cable (Not for CAN communication)



Weight:1.27 kg

1 x Cable pack required for a single lithium stack of batteries. Cable pack contains inverter uptake cable (Orange and Black) and an inverter coms cable, although coms cable is not for use on all inverters and some inverters have their own lithium coms cable.