Bathroom Tap Aerator – N3104T



Maximum flow rate: 5.7 lpm

Save up to 20 litres per minute

Member of the water smart family of products

Dual Thread

Save hot and cold water in the bathroom

Save the environment

Save money

Replacing the standard removable ‘splash protectors’ on your bathroom taps with this energy and water saving device supports conservation and saves money

Soft aerated flow enhances soap foaming when washing hands

It reduces water flow to a maximum of 5.7 litres per minute. That can result in saving up to 20 litres per minute, or even more, depending on your taps’ current flow rate.

Best quality, highly polished chromed steel body

Fitted with both male and female threads to fit wide variety of tap spouts

Easy to install

Member of the water smart family of products.

Please Note: This product is tube packaged and there are 6 units per tube. Please contact GW Store for quote.