Solis – 110kW 5G 3 Phase 10x MPPT – DC


  • Max. 13A per string (26A per MPPT), 150% DC overloading capability
  • 10 individual MPPT, lower mismatch loss
  • Efficient logic algorithm, over 99% max. Efficiency
  • String monitoring, shorter O&M time
  • Remote & local intelligent IV scan function
  • Leakage current repression technology
  • Volt-watt work mode integrated
  • DC input reverse alarm
  • Optional anti-PID function integrated
  • Reactive power compensation function
  • Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)
  • Type ll surge protection for DC and AC

Spec Sheet: Datasheet_Solis-(100-125)K-5G



▶99% Max. efficiency

▶Wide voltage range and low startup voltage

▶10 MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm

▶THDi<3%, low harmonic distortion against grid

▶Anti-resonance, supporting over 6MW parallelled in one transformer

▶Perfect commercial site monitoring solution

▶Intelligent redundant fan-cooling

▶Strings intelligent monitoring, Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported

▶Fuse free design to avoid fire hazard

▶Type II surge arrester for both DC and AC, type I surge arrester optional

▶Leakage current repression technology

▶Volt-watt work mode integrated

▶DC input reverse alarm

▶Optional anti-PID function integrated

▶Integrated DC switches, AC switch optional