Heating household water contributes to about 40% of all household electricity consumed. Showering with our high efficiency showerheads can save more than half of this energy (and much water) to the advantage of the householder, the environment and, under energy and water shortage circumstances, of the supplying utility. While these showerheads have been in use in the USA and Australia for about 30 years, they are relatively new in South Africa. Our showerheads employs the latest laminar flow technology; not aerating or ‘turbulence’ technology. When replacing your traditional showerhead with one of our showerheads, the new showerhead will probably pay for itself within three months.; A family of four, showering with an efficient showerhead for a total of 20 minutes per day, can save more than R100 per month in electricity and water costs. There will be enough hot water for everyone! Excellent for use together with solar water heating systems.

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